Why Doesn't Weezer Offer First Dibs To Concert Tickets To Their Fan Club? Corporate Sellouts?

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to their Boston show in December, but I noticed a lot of disgruntled fans in other cities that weren't. In the 90's, when Pinkerton first came out, I was notified days ahead by their fan club of their show at the Avalon in Boston and had no problems getting tickets. This time, you had to have an American Express card before the tickets went on sale to the public. Guys, you owe your fan base. Without them, you would be nowhere. 

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thats what im saying. you either need an american express card for a huge ton of money. i saw tickets going to 700 bucks? how is that legal for a 74 dollar ticket to be sold that high? damn scalpers ruin everything

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