I don't get it to be honest.


Nothing against Pat because he is a nice guy and a great musician, but he has absolutely NO stage presence playing guitar. He just stands there looking bored out of his mind.


I just don't get why he'd give up his drumming spot to some drummer for hire, just to stand there in the background and look totally bored and uninterested.


I guess it's possible he enjoys it, but it sure doesn't look like it.


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Speaking from experience, the drummer is rarely noticed. Yes, the drummer is the heartbeat of the band, and usually is the one sweating at the end of the show. I can see why Pat likes being up in front. On the other hand, I would hate to be the "drummer" playing guitar up front and have a drummer (Josh Freese) just kick some serious butt on the drums.

when i saw weezer last year, my only pics were of him because he was the most fun to watch. touring lead guitar player or pat????????????????????????????????? how is this even a conversation????? but i just want to say im wilford brimley and i suffer from diabetes!!!!!!!!!
Wilford Brimley said:

I will address this question with a picture:

dude the special goodness was an awesome band and he rips... why not?

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