I don't get it to be honest.


Nothing against Pat because he is a nice guy and a great musician, but he has absolutely NO stage presence playing guitar. He just stands there looking bored out of his mind.


I just don't get why he'd give up his drumming spot to some drummer for hire, just to stand there in the background and look totally bored and uninterested.


I guess it's possible he enjoys it, but it sure doesn't look like it.


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It would be nice to see him back on drums, but I think he wants to play guitar. 
I think he enjoys it as well.  Personally, I like the current setup.  And in case you haven't noticed, Josh Freese is f****** fantastic on drums.
Uhh no. he kicks ass on guitar. and looks like he is having the time of his life jammin' on stage.
I don't care what "little stage presence" he has as long as he continues to play "Falling For You" as perfectly as he does.

Patrick Wilson is cooler than you will ever be. I mean, he made Bokkus. Come on. He doesn't need to play guitar to be cool. And you should probably fix some of that grammar. "Also write songs that suck ass like.." doesn't make sense. So deal with the fact that Pat is cooler than you in a positive way and leave. No one wants you here.

P.S. Your band probably sucks compared to Weezer.
In a band more catchier than W said:

Because he is a big fat b**** who wants to feel cool so he decides to play guitar. DUH


Also write songs that suck ass like.."in the mall", and "Automatic"  although  "photograph was a good song.



I think Pat enjoys it, but yes I'd rather see the original line up too. But i am fine with it

and i quote:


"it's complicated"


Lewis Digges said:

Pat wrote Surf Wax America and The World Has Turned And Left Me Here as well so do you think that those songs suck because Pat wrote the songs with Rivers. No, they don't and neither does Automatic and In The Mall though I wished that it was Pat who was singing In The Mall rather than Rivers.


And for the record: Rivers wrote Photograph all by himself not Pat.

Totally different. Rivers is the front man. He sings. I actually think his very passive nature has been cool in the past. Although, his guitarless enthusiasm is growing on me.


Pat basically hides in the background when he plays guitar.


Gecaj said:

I could make the same thread when Rivers played the guitar.

Yeah guys, let's trash one of the founding members of the group who was a crucial element to the band's sound. He plays guitar because Rivers wants to spend a large portion of the set without a guitar. Stop acting like this is him attempting to "be cool" or "show off." He just thought it would be better if the band had someone who knew the Weezer sound playing lead guitar instead of "some joker." While we can argue if this is the right call, I don't think it's cool to talk s*** about Pat and say personal stuff about the guy who co-wrote "My Name is Jonas," "The World Has Turned," "Surf Wax America" and "Getting Up and Leaving" (songs that, if you're a Weezer fan, you definitely love).

Because Josh Freese shreds the drums.
Josh Freese on Only in Dreams is amazing. And Pat does a little guitar solo on that too. I don't think that song would've sounded as good with just River's playing lead guitar. Pat really helped that song out during the two nights.

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