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So I’m writing a paper for one of my classes on Weezer fan culture and why people listen to them.  I’d love to get insight from any of you who wish to help me out.  Let me know why you listen to Weezer whether it be something about their music, you relate to their fans, their lyrics, or anything about the band that makes you a fan.  Also, if it’s something about their music, it would be awesome if you would let me know what specifically you enjoy so much about it (eg. Melodies, song structures, harmony, originality, etc.)


Thank a lot!


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There is auto-tune all over Raditude and Hurley (along with most modern recordings these days).

William Danze said:

I listen to weezer because they are the best new age rock, their sound has change but they remain true to themselvs, Rivers really appreciates his fans and gives back to them. They are real don't use any of this auto tune, their lyrics have meaning can be dark and lonely like in Pinkerton or happy and peppy in green album. I love them also because Rivera has a great voice and great hamoney, and they can play the hell out of the guitar. I hope this helps you

no, i am pretty sure this is the best new age rock:

William Danze said:

I listen to weezer because they are the best new age rock

Cuz they rock meh socks off. (Is that acceptable?)

If not:

I love them because I can relate to their songs and I love their sound. : )

Ok that was short too. My apologies. I'm tired and my company is watching Britney Spears. Meh.

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