if you could live next to anybody from weezer including people associated with the band included past band members etc. who would you choose and why????

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Karl, so that I could go through his garbage when he's not home

screw weezer... i wanna live next door to these guys!

Lewis Digges said:
Do you live in Los Angeles, Biebs? If so, you'd probably know what it's like to live there not to mention how much housing and rent costs there. I would have to have more than a million dollars just to survive so visiting them there would better than living in California having to watch your back most all the time.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
if you lived in los angeles i'd want to live next door to you, lewis.

Lewis Digges said:
If they were living in Texas, I would like for all of them to be next door neighbors. Believe me I would go to California to visit with them but I wouldn't want to live in Los Angeles because of everything that happens there like earthquakes, forest fires, mud slides, odd weather, crime, etc. not even for a million dollars would you have me living there.

Visiting them you bet. Living in California not on your life.
I had the same idea!

SPAZ said:

Karl, so that I could go through his garbage when he's not home

Rivers... Simply... because he's interesting.

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