I know it's what most you guys feed off. But virtual worlds aside, where people can conveniently avoid the choice/decision of looking directly at/standing too close/ having to actually converse with/ ....specific peoples.

Are your lives so sad?

Are you SO lonely?

Is there no other way of potentially achieving some sort of positive, affirming relations with anyone, on any level, out in the real 'people are looking at me strange' world?

Or you just plain d!cks?

Cos d!cks... That doesn't seem like what most what these sites are meant to be about, IMO.

And just for my own curiosities sake.. Do you lie to yourselves too? Or just pretend along with everyone else that you're funny?/insightful?/helpful?/useful? around here? Other than to make nice, honest kids feel bad bout the qualities you so desperately lack.

Decency. Likability. Kindness.


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i feel like i missed something.



























































oh, now i get it.

I don't know what you are talking about. I have not encountered any one on here that is a d!ck. If you aren't a douche, nobody with be a d!ck to you. Just sayin'.

edgey44 said:

placemats said:

edgey44 said:
Ok. Guess maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it is all X's and O's around here.
Not surprising, though, those who felt the need to reply (in so classic form) to this thread.

I had enough with bullies in high school for my lifetime.
who are you and what are you talking about

Klugscheißer [spaz] said:

placemats said:

edgey44 said:

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