Just kinda curious. I just got my invite the other day, and it seems to be a really slow forum; not much happening over there.

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I am a member, but banned.

Uh oh, what'd ya do?

Cathy Sherman (Midly) said:

I am a member, but banned.

it's the slowest of times right now.  sorry you signed up at a bad time 

I'm a bad girl.  



Also:  beetle, I need to talk to you.

Sorry but Allthingsweezer is not slower than this board. In fact, Weezer news is posted there days before it is posted on this site.
I am
And it's not slow it's just like everyone already knows everyone ....kinda like a clique 

this is a forum for weezer-related topics. threads about other message boards are not appropriate here so i'm locking this thread.




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