I think I have to say that Getchoo rocks harder than any Weezer song. Can we come up with a list of "hardest rocking" Weezer songs? Say It Ain't So has also got to be a contender.

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Fall Together
Take Control
Say it Ain't So
Only in Dreams
Get Me Some
Hash Pipe
We Are All On Drugs
Just Weezer? Only in Dreams Paperface, Say it Ain't So, and Velouria all kicks ass. But, Rivers has some rocking solo stuff too. Hot Tub, Blast Off, The Prettiest Girl, and one of my personal favorites, Lover in the Snow, just to name a few.
Sorry "In Dreams is 8 min." one more min of extra rock power handed down from god herself to the greatest band in the world..... Morris da... I mean WEEZER!!!!!
Getchoo definitely seems like the best scream-our-balls-off-over-noisy-guitars song they've done
Surf Wax and El Scorcho, just for the breakdown around 2:20
American gigolo
Tired of Sex
Take Control
Hash Pipe
Most of the rest of Maladroit
Tired if sex and say it ain't so.
Love is the Answe (laid back remix)

Lullaby for Wayne
Blast Off!!

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