Which weezer and non weezer song have the highest play count on your iTunes?

Weezer-Why Bother?
Non-weezer-Buicks to the Moon by Alan Jackson

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Weezer=Surf Wax America

non Weeezer= Where is she by The Killers

My two favorite bands :D, but I don't use iTunes, but on WMP it's All my friends are Insect from Weezer, and Plug In Baby from Muse

Henri Armanda said:

Muse: The Groove

Weezer: Dope Nose

two ties.


=w= "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" -Weezer & "Trainwrecks" -Weezer

=/= "Ocean of Apathy" -August Burns Red & "Shake Me Down" -Cage the Elephant

I love Band of Horses :)


For me:

Weezer: Turning Up the Radio


Non Weezer: Ours by The Bravery

Sean_e_b said:

Weezer - Always

Non-Weezer - St. Augustine by Band of Horses

Weezer- Tie: Perfect Situation and Say It Ain't So

Non-Weezer- Read My Mind, The Killers

I have a Weezer tie between El Scorcho and I Want You To


Non Weezer is Dr. Dre Forgot About Dre...random.


CrackerJack said:
elephant's new album rocks

Weezer - Falling for you


Non Weezer - I'm Bo Yo by Bo Burnham 

Weezer-  Say it aint So

None weezer-  Simple man.. haha, that's funny.

on this current computer it's Beverly Hills (live) from the I'm Your Daddy single and Nobody Knows Who You Are by Dr. Dog


but this is the kitchen computer not my laptop or iTouch

Weezer: Only in Dreams


Non-Weezer: So Far Away by Nine Days

Weezer:Only In Dreams


Non-Weezer:Plug In Baby by Muse

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