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Regardless, these 3 songs seem to be the most controversial/hated/loved tracks from the last 3 weezer records. One from each. So what I want to know is...which one do you hate the most, and why? Which one do you like the most, and why? How do you feel about the other one?



Love Is The Answer - Not sure I've ever seen anybody say something good about this track. But I don't care, it's by far my favorite from Raditude. (The only song from Raditude I ever listen to, in fact.)


Where's My Sex - Pretty ridiculous tune, I've seen lots of praise for it and lots of hate (on this and other boards.) It's one of the only songs on Hurley that doesn't bore me to death with mediocrity, which is probably just because it's a bit weird. Even still, could've been gooder.


Autopilot - wtf. I wish I could hate this song on principle, but I just can't. Best original track on DTFM. imo.


Now gimme yer takes on these songs.

Also, feel free to flame me for more or less only liking the songs that most people seem to hate on the recent records.

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Ummm.. Where's My Sex is probably my favourite of the three.. and I kinda hate myself for liking it, knowing what it's about. But it is a catchy song, and that's really all I can say about it.


Love Is The Answer is a pretty great song. The whole Hindi thing really didn't do it for me, though.. At all. It is one of the better songs from Raditude, but for me it's somewhere in the middle. Definately not the worst.


Autopilot.. I can't listen to it. One of my least favourite songs from DTFM. Sounds really.. unnatural..? Is that the right word.. anyway; definately my least favourite of the three.



And I won't flame you.... Unless you want me to...??

Wheres My Sex? probably has the worst Weezer lyrics ever. A 40 year old man singing about "needing" his sex and comparing it to needing "socks" seems immature. Of course songs like Im Your Daddy and Girl Got Hot arent written much better but they are a lot more melodic/catchy

Love Is The Answer-I admire Rivers for experimenting with this song but i still prefer the original.

Autopilot is my favourite out of these. Its interesting, catchy and definitely one of the best tracks on DTFM

Love is the Answer.  I really like the Hindi singer and the message the song conveys.


Autopilot and Where's My Sex I think are bombs.  At least Where's My Sex is track 5, so when I listen to Hurley on vinyl, I just stop after Unspoken, and then put the B-Side on.

love is the answer would be better with out th ehindi lyrics in the midddle.

where's my sex is alright. socks and sex. hmmm... i kinda like it but of course i got DTFM before hurley and it took me for Hurley to grow on me.

autopilot was 'interesting' better than love is the answer. definatley one of the weaker songs of DTFM

I really enjoy love is the answer, i thought it was an interesting idea and follow through with the song. I'm glad they put that on the album. 

I like wheres my sex after that, because it's just a fun tune to listen to when your driving or just goofing off. 

Autopilot is last on my list, its catchy and has good message to it i think, but i prefer some other songs on the album. 

1. Where's My Sex, really cool song

2. Autopilot, is allright, sorta catchy

3. Love The Answer, would be such a better song without the Hindi bit, probably the one weezer song I skip

Why does everyone hate that Hindi part? I seriously don't understand that.

Wheres My Socks is the best of the three imo pretty much because it has an awesome guitar riff, silly lyrics, and an insanely random bridge.

next is autopilot. i like the super cool synth lines and the epic second bridge. but, i do NOT like the autotune

LITA is last. Although it is last of the three, i still thing the song is great. definitely on the better half of raditude. I also do not know what people's problems with the hindi part are. i think it is very interesting and unique: two traits that are lacking from a lot of songs on raditude.

I love the bass line in where's my sex, so it has to be my favorite. I try to listen to love is the answer but never make it through. I like the message it tries to send, but musically it isn't suited to my taste. I really try to like autopilot. I'm just not evolved enough for the melody in autopilot.

Wheres My Sex because of funny lyrics, and awesome guitar riff



Fishyguy said:

Wheres My Sex because of funny lyrics, and awesome guitar riff


I really like Love is the Answer compared to the rest of Raditude and I really think the Hindi part sounds good and makes it a good, different song. That's my favourite of the three. Not my favourite on Raditude but probably close 4th behind Tripping Down the Freeway, IYWIIWYTIWYT and I don't want to let you go.

Where's my sex? I did actually like very much when Hurley first came out but i don't really like it that much anymore. The lyrics are funny I guess, but if that wasn't the intention then that seems quite pathetic for Rivers to be writing about. This is my least favourite of the three.

Autopilot is quite a fun catchy song, I wouldn't say good, but i like listening to it.


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