I have been absolutely addicted to Weezer lately and, like I always do when I'm obsessed with a band, I want to find everything they've ever recorded. Is there a site for things like the SS2K demos and b-sides? Sorry if this has been posted already but I'm fed up of looking.


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i can get you 65 demos, and many b-sides if you'd like.
can you do me a favor and find specifics that you'd like then? it's an awful lot to upload otherwise.
Ok, I'll do that in the morning then. Thanks!
Hey man, just check out allthingsweezer.com

If you join the site you get access to their extensive Media Gallery full of everything Weezer. I'd check it out if I were you.
Don't you have to be referred though?
You have to send an email to the moderator to get an account, but if your a Weezer fan I'd say you're in.
can I get in on this also? No specifics just whatever I can get
it's a lot easier if i know what you need.
If you guys give me your emails in a PM, I think I might be able to give you an invite

I tried to email the moderator nothing happend.
allthingsweezer.com media gallery is the definitive source for these things
As probably mentioned, www.allthingsweezer.com has a massive media gallery full of everything like you could ever want, ever. So go there and be happy.


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