Naperville, IL (Chicago) here

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I'm from Iowa and am based there for the last 3 years with a website design and development company that works with seperate services such as web design, website development, website design and development, CMS websites,Joomla Development, CMS based websites
Displaced Hoosier living in Los Angeles.
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but now living in Portland, ME.
New York, represent.
My father tells me there are a lot of distant relatives from my family in Sheboygan, Wi.
Know anyone with the last name Hoenke or Henke?
Columbus, Ohio
San Diego, california.
Nova Scotia
My mother. And yes, I did have to be "that guy". 

And Ohio
Wow. Aren't you a lucky duck to be able to hang out with Brian. Glad to get updates from you anytime.

Mark Riemers said:
Yeah I live in california too.  But it's southern California.  Pasadena and I will share some really cool weezer info with u 
Every year for the Pasadena rose parade I go with Brian bell from weezer.  He is dating my god sister and he is like super chill. I c him about 5 times a year and he singed my red album and he also got the band to sign a poster thing.  I actually have 2 of those

placemats said:

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