I mostly use BTjunkie and isohunt.
Is there anything much better out there?  Or can anyone invite me to demonoid.com?

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pirate bay and isohunt.
I don't use torrents because I'm a good boy and pay for everything......*cough*
If you go to Vuze.com and download the program for free you can search up any song you want and get it for free. It works with itunes as well so you can just drag your songs to itunes from Vuze.
Do you have an invite that I can have???
Moments away.
you're the man!
Vuze is my favorite!
No, you are.
Haha mediafire is good. I also use beemp3. I love this site.
demonoid. mesage me if you need an invite. i think they only allow around 100,000 people on at a time, but i would be willing to hook you up with an invitation code.

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