What do you want and/or expect to see from the diaries?


As for Alone III, are you hoping for the same sound that Pinkerton had, or the acoustic versions of what the songs were before they were given studio treatment?  There are a lot of songs on Alone III that one can only imagine what they sound like.


I'm just curious about what everyone here expects to see and hear from both installments.

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Really, in essence, it should be more of a portryal of the artist that was shy, lived in doubt, and how with everything going on inside the Weez camp this project went from SFTBH and ultimately morphed into pinkerton, plus the gorgeous B-sides.

i have no idea what to expect, therefore don't have any expectations.  If it comes out and it sucks, then I'm not let down.  If it's amazing, then i'll be blown away.


Sorry for the not so specific answer

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