I think I like "We are All on Drugs" the best, but I like the "Beverly Hills" one too.

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y the hate for island in the sun(mexican wedding)? i personally love that version, the contrast between the wedding with its hispanic rituals and weezer is so absurd that its perfectly brilliant in my eyes. theres also this chubby kid that dances in front of pat's kit for a second-its so damn adorable and i never use words like adorable!!


Weezer Por Vida :)

i'm pretty sure he is mouthing the words "i love you" during that part. if he was JUST wiggling his tongue that would creep me out

Mada said:
Buddy Holly. The part where Brian wiggles his tongue at the uber hot nerd girl makes me crack up every time.

buddy holly

perfect situation

(IYWIIWYT) I Want You To

Probably the video that first got me into weezer, Keep Fishin'. But Perfect Situation is pretty great as well.

Probably Buddy Holly. If You're Wondering, Undone, Pork and Beans, and Perfect Situation are all up there, though.


...matter of fact, I like pretty much all their videos regardless of if I like the song or not.

the Undone video was my very first Weezer experience, so that will always hold a very special place - And Rivers swinging around that bowl cut is just mesmerizing.

Say it Ain't So is amazing, too, especially with the hackey-sacking going on during the solo.

El Scorcho is just so fun and odd, and Rivers looks really good in my opinion ( in SIAS too).

And I really like the Photograph one for some reason.

Undone! I love everything about it! It was my first Weezer experience and holds a special place in my heart.  The hair, the high waters, the cut off dickies with a wallet chain, the sitting on the floor...*sigh*

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