I think I like "We are All on Drugs" the best, but I like the "Beverly Hills" one too.

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Probably buddy holly or ....the good life 

Perfect Situation. It's not my favorite song of theirs, but the music video is pretty awesome.

I think I like Undone's the best. It's a classic to me.

El Scorcho is a favorite as well.

We are all on drugs?  You are grade a retarded.
Oh yeah the one for Keep Fishing is funny. And I think it's funny in Say it Ain't So when Rivers randomly takes a swig of juice at the end from his juice box

Lewis Digges said:
Keep Fishing (love The Muppets)
Buddy Holly (love Happy Days)
Say It Ain't So
What's wrong with that one? It makes me laugh

James Freerick said:
We are all on drugs?  You are grade a retarded.

*gurgle* el scorcho


Undone, Keep Fishing, and Island in the Sun (with the animals)
That makes no sense. 

James Freerick said:
We are all on drugs?  You are grade a retarded.
Weezer-Say It Ain't So
Rivers Cuomo-My Brain Is Working Overtime

Buddy Holly, Say It Ain't So, We are all on drugs, Keep Fishing, If You're Wondering..., Pork and Beans, Hash Pipe.


Perfect Situation is alright, but I don't really like the whole concept of it that much.  IITS with the animals is cool, the wedding one is horrific... Beverly Hills is kind of cool.  Didn't really dig the memories one that much, but it was okay.  I thought the Good Life was a pretty good one, even though it's kind of odd with the pizza delivery theme.


  The absolute worst one is probably Troublemaker, IMO.  Dope Nose isn't that great either. 

I really love Say it aint So and El Scorcho. I also like Keep Fishin.. cracks me up.

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