1. Blue -- Only in Dreams
2. Songs from the Black H*** (It's not finished, but who cares) -- Longtime Sunshine
3.Pinkerton -- Across the Sea
4. SS2K (Not official, but had some great tunes) -- O Girl
5. Green -- Hash Pipe
6. Maladroit -- Dope Nose
7. Make Believe -- Perfect Situation
8. Red -- Pig
9. Raditude -- Run Over by a Truck 
10. Hurley -- Run Away

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Blue: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Pinkerton: Across The Sea
Green: O Girlfriend
Maladroit: American Gigolo
Make Believe: Haunt You Every day
Red: Miss Sweeney
Raditude: Let It All Hang Out
Hurley: Unspoken
Blue- My Name is Jonas
Pinkerton- The Good Life
Green- Hash Pipe
Maladroit- Dope Nose
Make Believe- We Are All On Drugs
Red- Troublemaker
Raditude- In The Mall
Hurley- Memories
blue - say it aint so
pinkerton - across the sea
green - simple pages / island in the sun
maladorit - death and destruction
make believe - perfect situation
red - angel and the one
raditude - put me back together
hurley - ruling me
Blue - No One Else
Pinkerton - No Other One
Green - Glorious Day
Maladroit - Slob
Make Believe - Peace
Red - Pork and Beans
Raditude - Put Me Back Together
Hurley - Trainwrecks
1. Blue - My Name is Jonas
2. Songs from the Black H*** - Blast Off
3. Pinkerton - El Scorcho
4. Green - Hash Pipe
5. Maladroit - American Gigolo
6. Make Believe - The Other Way
7. Red - The Greatest Man that Ever Lived
8. Rad - Let it All Hang Out
9. Hurley - Time Flies
Blue - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Pinkerton - Across The Sea
Green- Photograph
Maladroit- Keep Fishing
Make Believe- This is Such a Pity
Red - Troublemaker
Raditude - Can't Stop Partying
Hurley - Trainwrecks
Blue - Only In Dreams
Pinkerton - The Good Life
Green - Hash Pipe
Maladroit - Dope Nose
Make Believe - Pardon me
Red - Pork and Beans
Raditude - Trippin Down the Freeway
Hurley - Ruling Me
Songs From The Black H*** - Superfriend
blue-only in dreams
pinkerton-the good life
maladroit-death and destruction
make believe-the other way
red-angel and the one
raditude-trippin down the freeway
hurley-smart girls
Pinkerton-The Good Life
Green-Simple Pages
Maladroit-Slob/Dope Nose
Make Believe-Beverly Hills/Haunt You Every Day
Red-Pork and Beans
Hurley-Smart Girls
Blue- Only In Dreams
Pinkerton- Tired of Sex/Butterfly
Green- Simple Pages
Maladroit- Love Explosion
Make Believe- The Other Way
Red- The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Raditude- Put Me Back Together
Hurley- Unspoken

I think.
Blue: In The Garage
Pinkerton: El Scorcho
Green: Knock-Down Drag-Out
Maladroit: Dope Nose
Make Believe: Hold Me
Red: Everybody Get Dangerous
Raditude: Put Me Back Together
Hurley: Unspoken

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