Hello all,

I'm getting married in a few months and the girl and I are fighting over music for some of the special stuff that goes on through-out the night (i.e. first dance, entrance, exit).  Does anybody have any stellar Weezer songs that would work for the following categories (see below)?  With your help I may be able to at least get one category fulfilled by the Weezer.

Here's some of the musical cues we need (remember.. obviously looking for weezer songs):

1.  Bride Entrance (never going to happen BTW)
2.  Ceremony Exit
3.  Reception Entrance
4.  First Dance
5.  Father/Daughter Dance
6.  Mother/Son Dance
7.  Reception Exit (I'm thinking My Best Friend from MB for this.....)

All help is Uber-appreciated!

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1. photograph
2. im a believer ( from the shrek 4 soundtrack)
3. the good life
4. island in the sun
5. im your daddy
6. i dont wanna let you go
7. memories
Hold me, only in dreams, island in the sun
all great songs!
Can't go wrong with Weezer at your wedding :)
1. Tired of Sex
2. My Best Friend
3. Perfect Situation
4. If Your Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You Too)
5. Say it Ain't So
6. Butterfly
7. Beverly Hills
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
i don't want to let you go
i was made for you
hang on(?)

Jonathon Gutierrez said:
Our ceremony exit song was island in the sun. We did get married outside in Hawaii though. And it was done on eukelele
1. Bride Entrance - American Gurls
2. Ceremony Exit - Holiday
3. Reception Entrance - Can't Stop Partying
4. First Dance - Pig
5. Father/Daughter Dance - I'm Your Daddy
6. Mother/Son Dance -Burndt Jamb (Cause I couldn't think of anything else that was really dancable)
7. Reception Exit -Blast Off
Bloody awesome.

Jonas said:
Not sure if this was mentioned yet, BUT:



You're welcome!
Well, if it's a Mexican wedding, your best bet is Island in the sun. 

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