Here, we post our presents and pictures of everything you can. I open my presents on Eve's night due to icelandic tradition.

Here we go!

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I got a Weezer cruise ( I bought this a while back, but figured it was an early Christmas gift.) and $$$.

Strings, body wash, cheese and crackers, and a gift card for Happy Trails Records!!!

Horrible smelling colognes and ugly pajamas

A nook

maybe  i will 

placemats said:

What a great gift, Edgey!  You should make an edgisode.

and socks 

edgey44 said:

if this counts i got a hangover for boxing day aswel...

but for Christmas, my mum got me a pass at a race track to drive a supercar of my choice!!


I got a Weezer snuggie :P, some art from Mikey's wife, cds, games, clothes, socks, sweets/choclates, bathroom stuff, Star Wars blu-ray Saga, some books and some vouchers.

from my folks: sunglasses, a watch, a bracelet

from my dad's best bud: some shitty cologne

from my buds: gift cards

from the gal: a North Face vest, a goodie bag containing: a giant novelty lighter, lottery scratchers, candy, a We Own The Night membership card, and a voucher to take me + my ma or pa to Cirque du Soleil (prolly me ma)

Seems silly to bring this back, but I'm going to anyway, mostly because I ordered this little gadget today on amazon with a gift card I got for xmas.  Going to use it for cleaning electronics, music equipment, and lego sets.  Also picked up a pair of converse and a couple new albums.

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