What weezer song do you fall asleep to willingly? in other words, this is not about songs that are so boring that it makes you snooze.

I'm gonna have to say "longtime sunshine" and "the spider" and "butterfly". what about you?

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I still have no idea. 

Jordan said:
Yeah, I think Heart Songs is the best (in my opinion).
If I had one it would have to be Rosemary.

Superfriend, then Longtime Sunshine.

For as long as I can remember I've dreaded going to bed because I just couldn't switch my mind off.  But these two songs are my Ambien




PUPPIES! said:
It really sooths the ears.

Connor Dalton [awesome] said:

PUPPIES! said:
Clarinet Waltz
Butterfly! :D

I actually have a weezer/sleep playlist. It has...


Butterfly - Pinkerton

Across the sea - Pinkerton

Hold me - Make Believe

Come to my Pod - Alone II

Don't worry baby - Alone II

Super-friend - Alone I

Lover in the snow - Alone I

I was made for you - Alone I

Longtime sunshine - Alone I

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