Love Weezer...and love the idea of them putting out lots of albums as of late. Hope they continue this trend as I have loved almost every album they have ever made.  I was thinking today on "what could they do to get to the next level"  Lots of people know of Weezer but they're not a household name really...just yet.  Heres a short list.  Tell me what yall think they need to do to get to the next level.  And the "next level" means like bands/musicans like (The Beatles, Elvis, Metalica, The Eagles, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers)  Just to name a few


1. Perfrom at superbowl

2. produce a super famous song that everyone can identify

3. write a book (have they?)

4. marry someone famous (yes I know..crazy)


I feel like Weezer is right at the edge of going beyond the typical band that made some albums.



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in the elevator there will be a buttom panel.... they need to push the buttom for the floor above them (ie, if they're on the 3rd floor, they should push the button that has a 4 on it) this will guarantee to get them to the next level.

(unless they're at the ministry of magic in which case the floors or reversed)

Woot for the Utah comment! and yes we are the australia of america...minus the dingos of course...but no one ever does tour us. And Weezer being popular doesnt mean their to 'pop'. Nirvana is a house hold name (unless your a stupid household)...they sure as hell arn't pop

OK...  Elvis and the Beatles are in no way comparable to any of those other bands on the list.

Metallica...  Household name, yes, but sucky band.  RHCP and Smashing Pumpkins are on the same "level" as Weezer.  Honestly, everyone knows the name but not many fools know the songs.


The Eagles...  Not better than Weezer, but more "classic"...  By a qualitative value yes, but honestly Weezer > the Eagles as a group.  Truefax.  Sorry.

Radioactive: What drugs are you on?

I know that Elvis and The Beatles are/were on the highest level u can accomplish in music and the other bands are not. But SP, RHCP and The Eagles are/were on a higher level than Weezer.

Simply type in the bands names on Yahoo and look at their wikeapedia's . I cut and copied some of Smashing Pumpkins...

Radioactive: SP's best album almost sold as many records as ALL of Weezer's combined. If thats not enough to convince you than nothing will.
Weezer needs to get more of their songs on to the Rock Band and Guitar hero games!!!! That is a good way to introduce new music to the video game generation!

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