Love Weezer...and love the idea of them putting out lots of albums as of late. Hope they continue this trend as I have loved almost every album they have ever made.  I was thinking today on "what could they do to get to the next level"  Lots of people know of Weezer but they're not a household name really...just yet.  Heres a short list.  Tell me what yall think they need to do to get to the next level.  And the "next level" means like bands/musicans like (The Beatles, Elvis, Metalica, The Eagles, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers)  Just to name a few


1. Perfrom at superbowl

2. produce a super famous song that everyone can identify

3. write a book (have they?)

4. marry someone famous (yes I know..crazy)


I feel like Weezer is right at the edge of going beyond the typical band that made some albums.



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I like Weezer at the level they are now :).
i do too.  But im sure their pockets would like to be fuller.  Though they have accomplished so much they contiue to set higher goals as all "greats" do

Maybe do what some of the bands you named did and put out consistently great music over an extended period of time?


Or play in the Super Bowl.


No, not at. In.

Play at the super bowl would be the quickest. Cause they've already written amazing songs everyone should be able to identify, but for some reason as of yet unknown to science, not everyone can :(

Weezer are better than at least half the names you listed - they're just not as popular.


So to get to the next level they just need more exposure.

The superbowl sounds good. Another album as popular as Make Believe would help (easier said than done).


Also, they can't expect to be seriously popular in countries outside of the US if they never tour/visit/have anything to do with those countries.




You just mentioned a bunch of songs that got either no radio love, very little or some. Other than Beverely Hills, what Weezer songs do you think the average person can sing along too if they hear it come on in a bar? Only Weezer fans are familiar with most of those songs. Prime example. I play "Cant Stop partying" all the time. Never fails...someone will ask me "hey who sings this" and Lil Wayne got in on the fun.

Lets compare

Mellon Collie and Infant Sadness-Smashing Pumpkins
1. earned The Smashing Pumpkins nominations in seven categories at the 1997 Grammy Awards, the second-highest number of nominations that year.[24] The group was nominated for Album of the Year, Record of the Year ("1979")
2. Went Platinum X9
Simamese Dream album X4 platinum

Make Believe-Weezer
1. Platinum ONCE
Blue Album Platium X3

I wont get started on all the accolades by Rolling Stone Magazine on Smashing Pumkins.

Under the Bridge is a song by RHCP that everyone knows and remembers...its timeless. The I REALLY need to go there?

For the record Im a huge Weezer fan. Favorite band of all time = Weezer.

Im not delusional though. If they could come out with one song or one album that everyone loved it would be nice. Just wanna see them take the next step forward. sucks having to defend Weezer when I mention "my favorite band is Weezer" most people dont relate to them
defeating the dragon boss in the ice kingdom usually helps my characters get to the next level. Perhaps weezer needs to do the same.
The only way weezer will get to the next level is if pop music turns into weezer music. (or if weezer turns to pop, but that would be rubbish.
If they become a household name, that means that they've become to 'pop'.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
it's cute that you guys don't think that weezer has always been pop music.

Maybe the level they're at is ok with them.


Paul McCartney still can't walk down a street anywhere in the western world without being mobbed.

Members of Weezer can.


They still have enough gravitas as a band to keep record companies interested, have access to premium studio space, and work with interesting producers, as well as collaborate with artists they like. They can get good direction and locations for videos. They play good venues. They have loyal fans. 


More money comes with a heavy price. Right now, they have it pretty good.

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