What Weezer album is currently stuck in your cd player?

Just curious.  I was stuck on the Red album for about a month before rocking to black h*** for a few weeks, then was on a Raditude kick for a couple weeks, now Maladroit has been on for the past week or so.  I wonder what I will be in the mood for next.

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every album in a shuffle
don't have a cd player mate...
I've actually been listening to breaking benjamins saturate cd a lot here lately. I love that album. The Red album was the one before that.
Pinkerton Deluxe ... with a little bit of SftBH thrown in.
It's all about Pink and Blue.
A mix of Pinkerton Deluxe and DTFM.
Hurley, Ruling Me and Where's My Sex? are my faves.
Sounds like you wanted an excuse to say "stuck on", "rocking" and "kick".

For me, 'Hurley' and a hint of 'Maladroit' and the Green album.
Shawno said:
I wonder what I will be in the mood for next.

Hopefully something better than what you've been listening to.

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