What Weezer album is currently stuck in your cd player?

Just curious.  I was stuck on the Red album for about a month before rocking to black h*** for a few weeks, then was on a Raditude kick for a couple weeks, now Maladroit has been on for the past week or so.  I wonder what I will be in the mood for next.

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I left my truck in Texas when I moved to NYC, and that's the only CD player I ever use. I rip everything else and put it on my ipod/whatever else. That being said, I visited Texas in September and left exactly ONE CD in the CD player.


But that's literally what's stuck in my CD player. Otherwise, what I've been listening to the most is probably Pinkerton Deluxe.
Raditude. It's seriously been in my car's CD player for 12 months. And my CD player is not a 6 stack either.
Same man.

Killamarshan said:
Pinkerton Deluxe ... with a little bit of SftBH thrown in.
Every album except Red and Raditude (not that I hate them, just because I did'nt want to)

I have discovered a new found love for the songs on Make Believe. This album is really awesome. I didn't enjoy Beverly Hills all that much back then, but now it don't bother me anymore.

I even started listening back to the old album 5/Maladroit demos and all the B-Sides from Blue, Pink, Green era. There was some really great songs in there too.

Oh and I listen to Alone I and II also...

As you guessed, I am in Weezer-crazy Mode right now. I have to admit this didn't happen to me in quite a while, haha
Well I have a good answer for that too! Very easily! How's that?

SPAZ said:
I believe the question was how, not who.

Timmy Lunt said:
Me sir! Well the album that keeps on coming up in my cd player is DTFM. It's just so good.

j-biebs said:
how can anyone listen to that much weezer.

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