Mine was at Walden Books in the mall. I got paid $6 an hour way back when. Before that, I worked at my parents' restaurant for free so that doesn't really count.


What was yours?

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Bagel place @ 14 years old. Couldn't stand it and quit a couple of months later. The boss gave me a hard time for quitting, so I cried and said it was because of my parents divorce. My parents divorced when I was 5.


After that I worked at the family business on all of my breaks (one hour photo/photo finishing place) doing counter work and the occasional photoshop. Did that from 15 years old 'til college (2 or so years).

You could've made even more $ suing them for that. It's illegal on their part; child labor laws.

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:

I left that job because whenever we closed up, at 10 everyone that was under 18 had to punch out for legal reasons, but they would make us keep working?

That and the fact that it totally sucked.

I worked at Cinnabon when I was 15 and made a whopping $5.15 an hour. 
Worked chopping and or shoving peanuts for my dad and grandpa. They didn't really pay me anything till I was about 11 or 12 but it was good "character building" as they put it, and I believe it...as today I am certainly a man of great character.
stock boy in a religious goods store, there was nothing worth stealing
I worked at an old OLD gas station that is now a state landmark. I was 15 and did all the clean up crap work. I was fired that same year because I was too young to work the gas pumps. I was re-hired the next year. I made $28.50 a week.
Lifting boxes at Macy's bringing crap up to the makeup counter gals. They all thought they were really glamorous. Good times.
summer after i graduated high school @ Burgerking, mostly closed the drive-thru. got paid $6.75/hr (california's min wage at the time)
i worked at the local budget movie theater during high school. i got paid minimum wage. i quit because of all the sexual harrassment from the old creepy men there.
My first job was working at Deluxe checks working the iron melting machine. Pretty mundane. After they were done printing checks on the printing press I would gather up the metal put it in the smelting pot. Only got burned a few times.

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