Mine was, I'm afraid to admit.....









Yep. I think I was about 12 or 13 and my mom took my sister and I to see them at the Utah State Fair. I spent the rest of the night screaming, "I SWEAR CHRIS KIRKPATRICK WINKED AT ME!!!"







I swear he did.



So what was yours? Not as embarrassing as mine, I hope.

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Candlebox opening for Collective Soul, back in '97... rocked my socks off! i was 14.... i may or may not have gotten high... i definitely got drunk...

Well it was the WHO Goodbye tour at the Los Angeles, CA, Memorial Coliseum It was October of 1982



Man I am Old

No Doubt with Weezer



the year was 1997. Me and my friends went to go see Metallica.  

Drank 40s, stormed the GA area because our seats were s***, got close enough for the pyro to melt my face.

came home drunk, got grounded. all in all, it was meh



Queens of the Stone Age when they toured for Lullabies to Paralyze. They played at a small club in DC and put on a great show. They went on an extra hour and a half before the venue had to physically kick them off. Missed the metro and had to stay in DC the night, but it was a awesome first show.

If you're not embarrassed, then you're not being honest...


My first, at about 9 years old, was John Denver at one of the big casinos (can't remember which one) in Tahoe during a ski trip with my grandparents. I was more impressed by the comedien (I believe it was Fred Travelena) who opened for him. My first "rock" concert was when my mom took my best friend and I to see Sammy Hagar (Three Lock Box Tour) when we were 12 years old. I wore the shirt from that concert for the following two weeks straight.

guttermouth at the galaxy club in dallas. i think it was either 1997 or 98.

LOL my folks took me to Vegas when I was a kid and they (meaning 'we') saw the Pointer Sisters. Good grief.

Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, Foxxy Shazzam, FUN, and my name is Drew.


And it was bangin.

II think mine was INXS...yeah.
Green Day, with my mom and Nicky

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