Assuming they play all their hits (let's call every single released as well as "My Name is Jonas" and "Surf Wax America" a hit), what would you like to see Weezer play live?  Especially songs they haven't played live in awhile.  I personally, would like to see more off of Make Believe and Red.  The Memories tour is fantastic, and it's great to see and hear Weezer play so many old songs.  So please no actual complaining, just more wishful thinking and such.


Specifically, I'd love to see "The Damage in Your Heart", "Fall Together", "The Other Way", "Peace", "Burndt Jamb", "Love Explosion", "Freak Me Out", "Thought I Knew", "Cold Dark World", "Automatic", "Dreamin'", "Get Me Some", "Run Over by a Truck" or "Everybody Get Dangerous".


I think it's a shame that they don't play "Haunt You Everyday" or "O Girlfriend" live anymore though.  Those are ones I would like to hear the most.  They are fantastic live.  Maybe Weezer should do a Green/Mally and Make Believe/Red Memories tour next?  xD

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These days artists don't believe in their records anymore because everyone downloads them illegally. That's why artists these days try to make money of there shows. Memories Tour is a good example.

U2 does it too..

Gohi said:

They are not touring in support of Hurley, to be honest. They bypassed any Hurley promotion and went straight to Memories shows (shows how much Rivers believed in Hurley imo)
Ehhh, I think with Rivers it's more because Hurley was rushed and a direct reaction to Raditude's negative reception. He learned from this though and his taking his time with the next project weezer is doing.

Yeah, artists are generally in support of illegal downloading you'll find, because most of their profit isn't coming from records anyways.  So much commission goes to the record companies that they don't need to do a special tour to compensate for lost sales.


Let the record (no pun intended) show that I have 100,000% AGAINST all forms of illegal downloading.  What could match the thrill of a new CD arriving in the post?  An EP perhaps, that needed to be hunted down...  An oldie but goodie in mint condition....  Leafing through the lyrics... After 400 CDs that thrill never dies off.


But I digress.





Aside from everything on Blue and Pink..



Angel and the One


Sugar Booger

Hold Me

Let It All Hang Out

Tripping Down the Freeway

Blowin' My Stack


How about Everybody Get Dangerous and Run Over By A Truck?  Yeah, that works for me.
Their cover of Paranoid Android.

I didn't say you should have gone to it, nor did i even know where you were from. I'm saying it wasn't just a 'handful of festivals', they did their own show too.

fuzzman said:

Good for people in Brixton then? Aberdeen's sort of got this opposite-end-of-the-country thing going on.

MrFrenchDog said:
They played a show in Brixton. 

fuzzman said:
For a proper tour, not for a handful of festivals. I can't afford to go to a festival solely on the hope I'll get to see a few good bands.

berry ◕‿◕ said:
they were here last month...

fuzzman said:

First of all, I'd like to see them come to the UK for a change.


How about any album tracks that weren't singles from a record other than the Blue album?


That'd be a welcome change.


I'm pretty sure that Rivers thinks weezer fans only listen to Blue and Beverly Hills. That is, judging by the setlists from the better part of the past decade.

I would like to see them play every weezer song, including demos, b-sides etc. played in chronological order over several days.

Angel and the One

Only in Dreams (missed memories tour)

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived


These are my top three 

But I really like your song selections above too 

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