Assuming they play all their hits (let's call every single released as well as "My Name is Jonas" and "Surf Wax America" a hit), what would you like to see Weezer play live?  Especially songs they haven't played live in awhile.  I personally, would like to see more off of Make Believe and Red.  The Memories tour is fantastic, and it's great to see and hear Weezer play so many old songs.  So please no actual complaining, just more wishful thinking and such.


Specifically, I'd love to see "The Damage in Your Heart", "Fall Together", "The Other Way", "Peace", "Burndt Jamb", "Love Explosion", "Freak Me Out", "Thought I Knew", "Cold Dark World", "Automatic", "Dreamin'", "Get Me Some", "Run Over by a Truck" or "Everybody Get Dangerous".


I think it's a shame that they don't play "Haunt You Everyday" or "O Girlfriend" live anymore though.  Those are ones I would like to hear the most.  They are fantastic live.  Maybe Weezer should do a Green/Mally and Make Believe/Red Memories tour next?  xD

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Ms sweeney is one of my faves id love to hear them sing it live.

The World Had Turned and Left Me Here


Angel and the One




Damage In Your Heart


Your Room


Blast Off/Who you callin'


Miss Sweeny

b sides
I'd love to see This Is Such A Pity come back to the setlists.  Maybe some Death To False Metal love too, like Blowin' My Stack.

I was just about to start a thread to mention how they've really been mixing up the set lists this tour. In the past, I remember being disappointed that just about every show seemed to feature the same setlist, and they've been great lately about throwing in a surprise or two. 


That Said: 

Ms. Sweeney (might be weird live) 

Burndt Jamb

Blowin' My Stack


"Blowin' My Stack" seems to be a fan favorite, and isn't difficult to play.  I'd like to see that too.
I agree about Angel and the One.  Tragic Girl would be great too.
Angel and the One, The world has turned and left me here, Simple Pages (one of my favorite songs), Smile, Slob, and Pardon me would be awesome to hear.

Freak Me Out
Heart Songs
Everybody Get Dangerous
Cold Dark World
The Angel And The One
Put Me Back Together
In The Mall
Love Is The Answer
I Don't Want To Let You Go
Where's My Sex?
Smart Girls
Brave New World
Time Flies
Teenage Victory Song
Oh, Lisa
Sugar Booger
Brightening Day
The Spider
Get Me Some
Run Over By A Truck
The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
The Underdogs
All My Friends Are Insects
Waiting On You
I Swear It's True
Getting Up And Leaving
Tragic Girl
Turning Up The Radio
I Don't Want Your Loving
Blowin' My Stack
Losing My Mind
I'm A Robot
The Odd Couple
Unbreak My Heart
Outta Herre

Good for people in Brixton then? Aberdeen's sort of got this opposite-end-of-the-country thing going on.

MrFrenchDog said:
They played a show in Brixton. 

fuzzman said:
For a proper tour, not for a handful of festivals. I can't afford to go to a festival solely on the hope I'll get to see a few good bands.

berry ◕‿◕ said:
they were here last month...

fuzzman said:

First of all, I'd like to see them come to the UK for a change.


Blowin My Stack

Put Me Back Together

This is Such a Pity




Honestly I'd like to hear more from Hurley and Ratitude live. I thought they were supposed to be touring in support of Hurley but the only song they played was "Memories" and "Hang On" a few times.


They are not touring in support of Hurley, to be honest. They bypassed any Hurley promotion and went straight to Memories shows (shows how much Rivers believed in Hurley imo)

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