There must be at least one song that, when you hear it, you MUST sing along with it; you can't resist the urge.


For me, it's Holiday. I don't think it's possible for me to listen to it without singing.

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just EVERY songs
Haha, good answer!

Darktael said:
just EVERY songs
I sing along to everything! (in my head, of course.)
Same for me, except Holiday. Holiday I must sing out loud (when I'm alone).

The dreWid said:
I sing along to everything! (in my head, of course.)
My Name is Jonas

Really just about anything.

All of blue and Pinkerton.  I can't resist them!  Also, Beverly Hills
AMEN! Ahaha, but I must say that "pork and beans" especially just gets me going.

Darktael said:
just EVERY songs
Falling For You, without a doubt.  As soon as I hear the intro I cannot skip the song and as soon as I hear the vocals I cannot help but sing with them.

depends on how much I've had to drink, but usually Undone

i actually have to agree and say most the songs weezer have written are singable, but (and i'm not one that hates on post-pinkerton songs) but I haven't really memorized every single lyric word for word for songs in Green Album and after, unlike Blue and Pinkerton. Early Weezer is just that good

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