As a fan, there seems to be a certain song people relate with. I'm wondering which weezer song people can relate to.

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Island In The Sun.


Hugh Lovric said:

Island In The Sun.

Turning Up The Radio


Oscar Cruz said:

Turning Up The Radio


Totally "can't stop partying" cause ya know, that's just how I roll. I like to think that im bad ass enough to relate to "trainwrecks"...but of course that's up to debate

Tragic girl, tired of sex, the world has turned n left me here, and only in dreams(:

In the garage :D


Do you other gals really feel like you can relate to most Weezer songs? I think RC definitely writes from a very masculine perspective most of the time (Pinkerton, for all its charms, is really a manifesto of a twenty-something sensitive man). Of course, it doesn't make me enjoy the music/lyrics any less - plenty of men can and do enjoy the work of bands like H*** and Bikini Kill and artists like Bjork. I think Cuomo when he's good is a clever lyricist, but I've just never heard him deliver a line that made me go "yeah! That's EXACTLY how I feel," y'know? I can certainly understand his male perspective, but being a woman, I don't feel as if the lyrics are written just for me


inb4 tl;dr


What about "I Just Threw out the Love of My Dreams?" 

teenage dirtbag 

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