What other songs should Weezer play on the B********* Tour?

I'm guessing that each night they're going to play some other songs to fill out each evening. My hope (please God?) is that they play other b-sides etc. from those eras. I would give anything to hear them play Jamie and You Gave Your Love to Me Softly on the Blue Night. How about some Songs from the Black Hole on Pinkerton night. What other stuff should they play>

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Well the original recording was in '95 for the Angus Soundtrack so it could go either way. They re-recorded it a year later for El Scorcho b-side though so you could make an argument for that. I just remember it getting airplay while "Blue" was still going strong. That's my take.
I don't remember that detail. Is that posted somewhere?
hope not. haha
yes, but it was recorded during the Pinkerton sessions....at the same time they were writing/recording things like Tired of Sex and Getchoo. It would make no sense to be played during the blue night.
they said it in the "breakfast with weezer" interview
Of course I wasn't expecting SFTBH.

But I have no desire to pay to hear their current material. I think it's ridiculous they're doing this for two nights instead of one night of the two albums back to back, so those of us who've had to sit through this last decade of crap could go to one show, hear the stuff we like and go home.

I would never in a million years pay twice to hear Pork and Beans and Beverly Hills and Keep Fishin'.
Matt playing Only in Dreams would make my pants tight.
This. Times seven.
Happy Happy Joy Joy.

If not that, some Homie would be ok with me.
I'm glad to see that -- other people seem to have some bizarre ideas about what the band would play on this tour. I see where you're coming from, but realistically they are going to make decisions based on the preferences of people who like the band now, not the ones who have hated them for the last ten years. Performing the albums from back then doesn't change that...

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