What other songs should Weezer play on the B********* Tour?

I'm guessing that each night they're going to play some other songs to fill out each evening. My hope (please God?) is that they play other b-sides etc. from those eras. I would give anything to hear them play Jamie and You Gave Your Love to Me Softly on the Blue Night. How about some Songs from the Black Hole on Pinkerton night. What other stuff should they play>

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That would suck nut.
Uh oh.
So it's going to be a 41 and 35 minute show?

I don't think so gregz.
that would be pretty epic i think.
yeah... no.
No, they said they'll be playing a "greatest hits" set after the album set.
the angel and the one
miss sweeney
haunt you every day
Play Freebird
A Greatest hits set? Ugh.

There goes my interest in this.
why would they play "you gave your love to me softly" on the Blue night?
What interest did you originally have then? The hope that they were going to play the four or so extra b-sides from each album? Surely you weren't expecting SFTBH?

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