I think Sugar Sugar by the Archies would be sick! But I want to hear your opinions.

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helix nebula
''Norwegian Wood'' by The Beatles, would be awesome.
Woah! That make me feel just special that Rivers Cuomo himself liked my idea! My dream come true! Well that and Weezer coming to St. George but this will have to work for now :)

Rivers Cuomo said:
Sugar Sugar would be awesome!
Rivers Cuomo said:
Sugar Sugar would be awesome!

Please do it. :)
My bad. Turns out they cover it, often in the UK. But they for sure did not write it. It's not theirs and to my knowledge has never been recorded by them. The song is written by Brendan Brown and recorded with his band Wheatus.

j-biebs said:
it's not a cover when they play their own song.

legendofchin97 said:
they already covered teenage dirtbag live a few months ago

Josh D-K said:
Teenage Dirtbag and American Idiot so when idiot Weezer fans say that those two songs are their favourite, they wouldn't be completely off base. Haha.
American Pie.
Annie Waits - Ben Folds
Re-record some Nirvana and release a "Goat Punishment" Album!
Actually the more I think about it Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations, American Pie by Don Mclean (the acoustic sound would be cool from Weezer), and anything from the 60's and 70's would be awesome.
sugar sugar is a GREAT idea! hmmm...a beach boys song could be rad as well. sloop john B. perhaps?
Since Weezers thing is simplicity i think that they should do a simple kick ass song like Anarchy in the UK or Blitzgreig Bop. but it would be cool to see them do somthing out of the ordinary like a stones tune.
waiting green day

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