What other songs should Weezer play on the B********* Tour?

I'm guessing that each night they're going to play some other songs to fill out each evening. My hope (please God?) is that they play other b-sides etc. from those eras. I would give anything to hear them play Jamie and You Gave Your Love to Me Softly on the Blue Night. How about some Songs from the Black Hole on Pinkerton night. What other stuff should they play>

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They should have Matt up for at LEAST one song at each show
Having Matt come on for an encore song or two would be amazing. A great gesture too. I would be stoked about that.
Obviously all the released B-Sides. I can understand if they don't play stuff from Blue and Pinkerton Deluxe.
It would be surprising if he didn't do at least one thing with Weezer on this tour (my vote is for vocals on El Scorcho)
and me as well
"paperface" and "mashup" in the same sentence has me sold.

but i bet Pat's kidding.
They already announced that no b sides will be on this tour.
Can I request, "Lets Sew Our Pants Together"?
I know I won't get to go to any of these gigs :( but would love to hear/see footage of 2010 weezer perform the likes of Devotion, You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Waiting On You, Jamie, Suzanne, basically the Blue and Pinkerton B-sides.
I would like to hear the Ft. Appache demo version of No Other One. Heavy synth etc.

Apart from that, it would be cool to hear a few SFTBH songs played in succession, like start with Blast Off then go into You Wont Get With Me Tonight.

That would be pretty special.

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