Well obviously it's weezer I know stupid question but I'm bored and someone might have some sort of story, I really cant remember I guess I was a fan who stumbled upon it while googling weezer, but yeah you get the picture I'm trying to paint.

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I started going to more concerts in general as I got older and one day I was looking up info for a weezer concert. None of my friends wanted to go with me to any concerts and I thought maybe I'll make some new friends or something. Anyway, now my friends do like Weezer and would go with me so I don't know why I keep coming back....I would say to learn about the music but I seem to get more info from weezerpedia or just google .... I think I still come for a good laugh.... I must admit I did learn alot and have been introduced to more of the bands amazing music since I got here ( I used to only own a few basic weezer CDs). So thank you weezer.com for that. 

Because i like Weezer and i have been vising  here since late 2010

I didn't

I'm not a big fan of forum but here is why I signed up. I remember the very firts time I listened one of teir song and it was Jamie. It was 1994 I belive. A few months later while on their first world tour with the blue album they played in Italy in Modena during a summer fest and it was amazing. I could count the people that were at that concert....maybe 200. I was right in front of the stage a few steps away. I got a shirts and autographs of Coumo and Sharps.


I joined =w=.com Back in 2001 and was a very active poster for many years through the release of TGA and Maladroit. I was most active posting in the music discussion thread where there was a very strong community of fellow musicians to talk gear with.

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