Well obviously it's weezer I know stupid question but I'm bored and someone might have some sort of story, I really cant remember I guess I was a fan who stumbled upon it while googling weezer, but yeah you get the picture I'm trying to paint.

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I joined Weezer.com after I bought tickets to see them for the first time! DeLuna Fest was awesome, and re-confirmed why Weezer is my favorite band. 

william danze.
I was trying to help my grandfather find an online community to join and I thought it said "geezer".com .

I wanted to be up to date with all the latest things that Weezer were doing, I wanted to be able to give my opinion on things and interact with the band.

i joined because i wanted to get hugh's opinion on things.

You know what, I've been myself that very same question since the 31st March, 2011.

Hash Pipe is a pretty okay song and I have way too much free time.

If you mean this incarnation of .com, well I helped test it out before they launched the new site in August 2010... that's when I first became a Mod.  If you mean .com in general, I joined way back around 2005 when Make Believe came out because that was the time I first started becoming active in the online Weezer community (even though I'd been a fan for years before that).  I obviously wanted to talk to other hardcore fans.  I eventually also joined Weezer Nation and then A6/ATW after that.

Because my life has been a never ending search for God and sure enough..... He/Her is a member..... So here I am.

her is a member? you talk english real good.

Haha see!!! God is always helping me. He/She...... That sounds funny lol. Thanks God.

Because my real life friends are sick of hearing me talk Weezer : D

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