It was a night filled with tequila when i thought of this one. The 2 favorites I can think of at 334am are "Trippin down the freeway" and "Smart girls"  Just curious about yours.

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I like the solo in "fall together"
Say it aint so, Buddy Holly, El Scorcho, Hash Pipe, Undone, The Good life .. I love how it goes from kind of a jam sound to a really slow and quiet.. I like the rock out sound to My Name is Jonas, omg, there are so many... how do I choose??
Say it Ain't So
Tired of Sex
Death and Destruction

Of course, it's impossible to choose just one. I could probably make a really long list!
you gave your love to me softly has a great solo. And even though it's not overly complex I've always liked the solo in Love Explosion.

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