It was a night filled with tequila when i thought of this one. The 2 favorites I can think of at 334am are "Trippin down the freeway" and "Smart girls"  Just curious about yours.

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Across the sea
Death and Destruction or Tired of Sex
Mykel and Carli, I'm A Robot, Tired of Sex, Only in Dreams, Falling For You and Simple Pages.

just kidding about Simple Pages, stuff's weak as! An unfortunate casualty of the Green machine.
Across the Sea, Tired of Sex, Why Bother, The World Has Turned & Left Me Here, El Scorcho, Only in Dreams (I know, I know)

I miss those guitar solos, Raditude was lacking in them for sure
Say it ain't so, I know it's a lame answer but i've always love it.
Only in Dreams, Death and Destruction, TWHTLMH, Devotion, Haunt You Every Day, Mykel and Carli, All My Friends are Insects, California, Don't Worry Baby (Alone II) . There are so many good ones!
Tired of Sex
Undone, Tired of Sex, Getchoo, Dope Nose and All My Friends Are Insects.
"Only in Dreams", "Buddy Holly", "Across the Sea", "Take Control", "Beverly Hills", "Trippin' Down the Freeway", "Smart Girls", "All My Friends are Insects".

But the greatest of these is "Only in Dreams".
Maybe I am weird since I seem to be the first to list it...but I love the solo in "The Good Life", when it gets to the slide guitar it feels so emotional.

I also feel like "Pink Triangle" is very emotional. I love the Pinkerton solos in general.

"Only In Dreams" is epic. Fantastic. Incredible. Beautiful. Kick-booty.
I'd have to say either "Tired of Sex", "In The Garage", or "Susanne" with an honerable mention to any live version of "Only in Dreams" I've heard or seen - that solo is amazing when it's live!
Don't pick on me, both solos on Acapulco, and any live version of Tired Of Sex.

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