What is your favorite WEEZER ablum and why? leave your interesting answers below!!!!!!

mine would be the green ablum because it has most of my favorite songs by them on it such as island ini the sun.


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I really like Pinkerton, because Rivers let's out a lot of emotion.
Though I love all of the Weezer albums, The Blue Album is my all time favorite. I feel that every last song on that Album is a hit. I also love the simplicity and solidity of the songs on the album- they truly set a strong foundation for all of the weezer albums to follow. Next favorite by just a little is Pinkerton, then probably Make Believe.
Pinkerton, for a variety of reasons. The songs are no less catchy than Blue, but they're more aggressive and more complex. Rivers' songwriting took a very big leap forward. The many modulations that occur during solos and bridges throughout this album only add to the emotionally charged nature of the songs. The looser, "shout-singing" style of the background vocals really calls to mind one of my favorite records from the Beach Boys: "So Tough".

Also the introduction of textures that were not included on the first record---more synth, multiple guitars playing counterpoint, slide guitar, piano, clarinet...these were all welcome changes for me. And I love the drum sound. It sounds like a real set of drums, open, loud and loose without spending hours trying to hide those beautiful overtones.

I don't love all Weezer albums...I don't even really like any Weezer albums other than the first two and between those, I think this was the high-water mark.
close second blue.
Pinkerton, in short, is a beautifully written album. i love every single song on it with a burning passion (except for No Other One--i couldn't get into that for some reason).
the songs are not only catchy but they're addicting (it took me 1 listen to love all of the songs, it took me a few listens to like Hurley)
PInkerton is emotional, and aggressive, in a way, in which I feel like I can take a little peak into Rivers' soul & in some ways, I have learned a lot about him by listening to the lyrics. (damn have u heard ' butterfly'?)
the instruments and modulations and riffs come together perfectlyly in a musical piece of burning, emotive passion, with an almost cathartic effect--music to my ears.
i can listen to Pinkerton over and over and over..i really like 'tired of sex' and 'pink triangle' and 'el scorcho' and 'why bother?'
shout-out to Rivers--i love you, man!
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