What is your favorite hair and facial hair style of Rivers Cuomo?

I personally like the Pinkerton look, the make believe tour look, and his mustache. That thing was awesome!!!

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I agree... he looks very very nice in We're All On Drugs.. look at this pic.. 'nuff said..


WeezerWoman said:

Noooo!!! Those glasses drive me crazy. I really dig those shorter hair cuts on him, since they show off his face more. 

I always thought that he was super hot in "We Are All on Drugs." BTW: Is that morning wood in the opening scene??

Shabbledoo said:
I think Rivers should just stop wearing those glasses.

'96-'97 look was best!

Zombie Dr. B. said:
current, he'd probably look older with a beard or something ;/
I agree completely. Except mine of course. :)

Ghost of Brimley 666 said:

This is the only relevant image to this thread

The Green album era.
The hair he had in the live portions of the Pink Triangle video, I think it's the same as at the Mykel and Carli tribute show. Whenever that was. Somewhere between Green and Pinkerton.

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