I thought he was gonna be back by now, but do you think he's just too stressed out about what's going on in Japan right now?

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It's true.. he did say that. I wasn't 100% positive that's what it said so I didn't say anything on here.
You know, staying in Japan might not be a good Idea. A lot of countries are encouraging people to leave, in light of all this talk about nuclear meltdowns. I hope that he and his loved ones find their way out safely.

Kyoko said:

Well said oktobermama - I totally agree. I've been worried about everyone I know personally with relatives and loved ones back there, it's just natural when you have those personal connections to people.


Also, Rivers posted last night from his Japanese twitter that he's in Japan now and staying there.

Thanks Karl!

karl koch [karlophone] said:
his in-laws live in a southern part of Japan and are safe, thank goodness. Im sure its traumatic for everyone in the whole country though.
Speak for yourself, Maya

Maya Linde said:
Your fans loves you anyway, Rivers. And we'll be there for you, just you ask us and we'll help you as much as we can :) Even your teenagefans who lives on the other side of this globe of earth... <3
Yeah she is. He actually met her in Japan.

Marie said:
Isn't his wife Japanese?

Troublemaker said:

I think that may be the case, Japan is very close to him.

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