I've seen a lot of debate about this topic. I go with Pig.

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Pig (home demo)
I Can Love
O Girlfriend
Fun Time
Run Away
"Island In The Sun" because it's instant happiness and sunshine every time I hear it 
Bang on the mark there 

Lisa D said:
i have many "O Lisa" because it's the best song with my name in it :P even better than the V.U's "Lisa Says" "Smile" because it's lovely and the vocals are gorgeous
"Island In The Sun" because it's instant happiness and sunshine every time I hear it
"Keep Fishin" because I love love love that chorus
"Hold Me" because it's vulnerable and powerful at the same time
"Haunt You Every Day" because it's a little sad, a little angry, a little "screw-you"
"If You're Wondering If I Want You To(I Want You To)" because it's so fun, it has hand claps and makes me very happy. Reminds me of why I love music. It reminds me of the beatles. Just what it reminds ME of.
"Trippin Down The Freeway" because it's fun and sweet
"I Don't Want To Let You Go" because the vocals and lyrics are so beautiful. I also love River's solo version of it.
"Where's My Sex?" because it reminds me of "Tired Of Sex" but the opposite. I like the whole speed-up/slow-down part and the lyrics are silly and fun to sing along with
"Represent" because it's about integrity and it's just a great song
Because it says "rivers best song", i'll also include "I Want To Take You Home Tonight" which I loved especially for the lines "I hope I find another girl who thinks that I am lovely too, but they don't make those kind of girls and so I cry from me to you". great vocals.
anddd "I Was Made For You" because it's truly lovely and I love the line "i was made for loving you and all the little things you do remind me who I am inside"
and back to Weezer, I love "Perfect Situation", "Pork And Beans", "Memories", "All My Friends Are Insects", "Troublemaker", "Hash Pipe"!(soooo kick ass) and well, pretty much every song they've made.
I've always really loved Keep Fishin'. The song was released at a perfect time in my life, and always will be special to me and my wife (I finally got her to stop "hanging from her shelf ;).
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived or Hash Pipe!!!
I Do, Hashpipe, Death and Destruction, The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World

Oh and I'm Your Daddy and Perfect Situation
Smart Girls
Trippin' Down The Freeway
Ms. Sweeney
Perfect Situation
Burndt Jamb
Island In The Sun

I Was Made For You: does that count?
I would agree with the past conversations that angel and the one is the best closer next to only in dreams there is.

As for the best song after pinkerton overall in my opinion I'd go with Burndt jamb but that's just because it's one of those songs I can go back and listen to over and over and not get sick of ever, and not many of the songs post Pinkerton have done that for me. That's why this is all personal opinion. Overall it's an extremely hard choice to make.
Where's My Sex is brilliant! My 8 y.o. daughter loves it.....she know's it's about socks but sings "where's my sex!". Cute!

Rivers Cuomo said:
You guys are picking a lot of my favorites!
Hash Pipe was the song that turned me onto Weezer.

Great ring tone on my phone too!

James said:
Peace or Hash Pipe
No no memories
Pig for sure

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