I've seen a lot of debate about this topic. I go with Pig.

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The Spider or Tripping Down the Freeway.
Burndt Jamb in my opinion although I really like Run Away of Hurley.
My favs-

We Go Together

Burnt Jamb
Pig (I like both versions but I like the demo more)
Don't Let Go
Sugar Booger
Teenage Victory Song
Living Without You
Greatest Man
Tripping Down the Freeway
Too Late to Try
its gotta be either Burndt Jamb or Death and destruction
Perfect Situation.
I'm sure everyone's said mine, but I'd have to go with:

Knock Down Drag out, Smile, Possibilities, December, Perfect Situation, Dreamin', and So Low ( this was post pinkerton right?).
greatest man but i wanna throw in how awesome "i do" is
Dope Nose,
I was made for you
Lover in the snow
Perfect Situation

Love them!
I Wanna Be Something, Angel and the One, Unspoken, Greatest Man That Ever Lived... i can go on for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
burndt jamb
perfect situation and king.

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