I've seen a lot of debate about this topic. I go with Pig.

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say it aint so
One of us didn't read the question.

Ashley Lovato said:
say it aint so
The Angel and the one
Does Tragic Girl count? If not then: The greatest man that ever lived
the greatest man that ever lived
I didn't think I'd have to explain this, but Post Pinkerton means AFTER Pinkerton, thus songs from SFTBH and Blue don't work.
id say "in the mall". but thats pats masterpiece not rivers' lol

placemats said:
the greatest man that ever lived
Photograph or Perfect Situation
Congrats, you named about four good songs.

CrackerJack said:
I hate literraly everyones answers. Unspoken is pretty good, but its not even the best song off hurley.

And not one song off the red album is a great song

try haunt you every day
damage in your heart
space rock
o girlfriend
o girl (SS2k)
Death and destruction
Knock Down Drag Out
trippin down the freeway
hang on
run away

out of those...maybe hang on,or death and destruction.

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