What is love?We all want to know.Does anyone think they know?Tell me your love story if you have one .Just wanted to know if anyone knows or thinks they know.So please share your thoughts and feelings.If you have a story PLEASE share.

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Love is when you see a girl for the first time and you get that good old fashioned romantic feeling, where you would do anything to bone her.
I don't understand the question.

Love... is the feeling "Wilford" gets when he thinks about me.


And his link... reminds me of this...

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!
love is just a lie

It is a doll dressed up

What is right? What is wrong? Give me a sign!!
Love is never having to say you're sorry....or EVOL backwards. So, theoretically Love is EVOLution going backwards and makes us act like monkeys.
a four letter word.
Unless you tell them the worst thing about you, and it backfires miserably and they don't ever quite treat you the same way anymore.

Dan said:
When that person knows the worst thing about you, and it doesn't even matter

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