What is love?We all want to know.Does anyone think they know?Tell me your love story if you have one .Just wanted to know if anyone knows or thinks they know.So please share your thoughts and feelings.If you have a story PLEASE share.

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this is pretty deep lol, but it's the best thing you could ever feel for another human being, a certain devotion to always being with one person, one so strong that you would do anything for them to make them happy, it's also the most frustrating thing in the world, that will bring depression, but through depression and our darkest days we achieve great things such as beautiful art or amazing albums such as Pinkerton. (I've learned this through Rivers' music and personal experience) and I can't help but quote the song from Alone "This is the Way",  "And this is way, that a man loves his lady, he does what he can, and he never says maybe".

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