seeing as there are lots of many people from many-a-country

whats better, Burger King or Macdonalds.................or Wimpy's 

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culver's should be a wildcard here, but i doubt many people here know of culver's, it's primarily a midwestern restaurant. so i'd have to say mcdonald's. their fries are a weakness....
Burger King for burgers, McD's for fries.
Burger King because they have veggie burgers.
If you come i france, the best burgers in paris :!/pages/Meilleurs-Burgers-de-Paris/157872377557083?ref=ts
lol that's how I learned to spell it.
It's known as "Hardee's" around these parts....but I can't think of ever even seeing commercials for them.
haha,'re right

The one here is still neat, clean, and classic. Practically a landmark in the area. Hopefully it won't ever get co-branded.
That's funny!
haha, i agree
In n out> five guys
All this talk made me hungry last night, so on the way home from work I picked up Double Double's Animal Style for the family... Hold the tomato for the misses :)

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