seeing as there are lots of many people from many-a-country

whats better, Burger King or Macdonalds.................or Wimpy's 

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All of the A&W's I have been to sucked... I love In-N-Out though... We just got one here probably 6 months ago, if even that...
it looks beautiful (i can only spell that right because of bruce almighty)
Article Circle is my 2 year old's favorite :) I like their fish and chips and shakes, I'm not too big on their burgers.
soooo good. they fill up a styrofoam cup with fries and put it in the bag. then they just dump a ton of extra fries on top of everything else in the bag.

i live right beside one, so i am really about to go right now after i finish this chapter of studying.
Nice! Big double bacon cheese with everything and cajun fries, that's my favorite!
That's why we're all fat and happy :D
Carl's Jr is pretty good too. Every once and a while I have to get a guac bacon $6 burger! I love their new fries too!
actually I think a lot people are disgruntled lately...that would make us just fat
I have a buddy who manages a Wendy's, and he said that the whole economic crash has caused a huge boom in the fast-food industry... Which means one of two things:

A: People who normally eat at more expensive restaurants are eating cheaper now to save money...


B: People eat fast-food when they're sad.

Either way, McD's, Wendy's, Burger King, etc are loving the economy.
haha we have one of those on state street in madison. kind of expensive if you want fries and a drink too....
yeah............but we have greggs

and that beats all

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