How happy/upset would some of you be?

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Forget tissues.. I'd need a bucket for my tears.
would be upset but I'm sure Scotts solo album would help fill that void.
If I was sure he was serious? Immediate suicide.

I'm guessing I'd be at least as depressed as that time I was 14 and thought the Backstreet Boys were breaking up.


Seriously, though, I might cry. I'd probably be really angry, too.

Cry endlessly; tears of infinity. And then suicide.


(I hope Rivers sees this forum as a type of flattery)


....Why is "happy" even one of the options?!


Dr. Ragne said:

How happy/upset would some of you be?
I'd be pretty upset, especially if this meant him not being around at all anymore.
AAAHH! why did you even put that idea in our heads? I can't handle my head just thinking about this situation happening. A part of me would definitly die.
Go on a Banzi Charge, Hurling myself and Weezer styled Katana at the pop dance music world, taking as many of them with me as i could before succumbing to a world without Weezer :(

What if the White Stripes retired from music?


Oh wait...



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