Did anyone else notice his profile is missing now?

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this is what happens when everyone disses on In The Mall. i hope you are all happy. i love In The Mall!
Now his photo is gone!
actually I haven't done either of those things, so this is just your fault then

Lewis Digges said:
We are all at fault here to a certain extent for Pat leaving because we dissed Matt Sharp too much and we made fun of Pat too much. It really got to Pat somehow and he left the group. Hopefully he'll bring The Special Goodness now that he has time.
Stop being noobs. He didn't leave because people dislike In the mall.

It's quite obvious by posts he makes here that he's unhappy. Someone wrote this whole thing talking about weezers change in direction and how they should go back to recording like the olden days and pat agreed he was in fact the first reply.

Not saying this is why, but it is really odd.
I agree with Crackerjack on this one, it's not the same without the big man.
hahahaha, that's great.

Lewis Digges said:
Maybe Pat is going to be the drummer in Dream Theater now that Mike Portnoy has joined Avenged Sevenfold as their drummer. Pat is more of a progressive music fan anyways.
I thought it was some kind of joke at first, but now his picture is gone... so I'm a little worried. :(
I knew something was up when I heard about Pat switching to guitar in the live shows. To me, Weezer have been becoming less like Weezer and more like the Rivers Cuomo band over the years. I hope this is just some sort of misunderstanding on our part and Pat is as much a part of Weezer now as he's ever been, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's finally decided to walk now.
He got off the internet. The end.

G Foo Chombey said:
He got off the internet. The end.
I remember RCB... weird songs... like fun time... talks about peeing in the sink at the 7-eleven.
No, he's still on twitter. Scott made a comment on fb that he thinks Pat just wants to have one account. It does seem a bit unusual that he's dropped the Weezer accounts. Maybe he is just simplifying. Or not.

legendofchin97 said:

G Foo Chombey said:
He got off the internet. The end.

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